The carbon Stairway takes you to the next level

An innovative staircase design By Marstrom Composite. The staircase adorns its place in the company's new office in Västervik.

High-level design! Staircase and railings in carbon fiber, steps in teak. Handrail made of a Tornado mast in carbon fiber, the Bolt rope has LED lighting. Why not, is our thought ...

Take your next step towards lighter and stiffer designs. Marstrom Composite has all the possibilities, from advanced industrial products, speaker cabinets built in carbon fiber to carbon fiber masts. Only the idea sets the limits. We manufacture lightweight composite structures primarily in the areas of Industry - Marine – Defense.

Carbon fiber is a reinforcing material consisting of thin drawn wires of carbon, woven or twisted to carpets, fabrics or ribbons. The advantage of carbon fiber is that it has a very high rigidity, high strength and low weight. At the same mass, carbon fiber has about four times the strength of steel.

An exclusive material that has great development opportunities and that takes you to "The next level".

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