Marstrom Composite delivers | Triblade

Triblade is a new and ground-breaking technology for large scale wind turbine rotor blades, that may disrupt the entire wind power industry.

The patent pending technology is a 3-in-1-blade that will reduce both production cost and transportation cost, while allowing rotor blades to be longer, stronger and much lighter than what is possible today. These are game changing improvements that gives Triblade a unique opportunity on the global wind turbine rotor blade market.

Looking ahead, the technology may also play a decisive role in the development of next generation of larger, more powerful wind turbines and to accelerate the transition to greater use of renewable energy worldwide.
Within the framework of an EU-funded development project, design has been optimized and rotor manufactured.

Complete rotor consists of three 22 m long Triblades, manufactured by Marstrom Composite. Partners in the project are Winfoor and Marstrom Composite where the latter is responsible for the development of manufacturing technology for future efficient large-scale production. The blades should now be transported to Denmark for installation on a turbine followed by twelve months verification.

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