Marstrom Composite | Taking urban transport to the NXT level


Manufacture of articles for concept bus in carbon fiber composite

Scania's concept vehicle NXT for city traffic, a vision for 2030 and onwards contains carbon fiber articles manufactured by Marstrom Composite. Scania NXT is electric, self-propelled and has several uses. The vehicle should be able to transport commuters morning and evening, deliver goods during the day and collect garbage at night. Scania NXT can connect front and rear drive modules to a bus module, a distribution truck module or a sweeper.

Marstrom Composite has participated in the design process and contributed with experience from the design of moulds and the manufacture of carbon fiber articles. Moulding has been made through Marstrom's care. The articles have been made of carbon fiber in prepreg form which was cured in oven. The articles have been putty, sanded and primed.


The items manufactured are panels for sidewalls, front and rear wheel housings as well as inner floors and outer panels for ceilings. All articles were tested in Marstrom's workshop in Västervik by mounting on an existing frame. After approval, the panels were dismantled and sent to Scania in Södertälje.

It was exciting to get involved in this future project. To then see the beautiful vehicle completed in its entirety at the exhibition UITP 10-12 June 2019 in Stockholm Älvsjö was extremely fascinating.


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