Marstrom is supporting Clear River Racing

Marstrom Composite support the Formula Student Team Clear River Racing at Karlstad University. Formula Student is the biggest engineering competition in the world where students design and build a racing car for competing in both static and dynamic races. The team has around 40 students and participates in the competition for the eleventh year. During autumn the car is designed and manufacturing of parts and car assembly takes place during spring 2018.

Previous year Clear River Racing was successfully competing at Silverstone in UK reaching third place. This year the team is focusing on FSG at Hockenheimring in Germany in August 2018.

Another new feature, says Gustav Ricksten project manager, is that this year’s team is for the first time manufacturing a monocoque body. This is an exciting challenge which will result in useful experience and of course a lighter and more efficient car. A challenge like this requires a lot of work and a collaboration with Marstrom Composite has been initiated. Marstrom Composite’s many years of experience in the Carbon Fibre industry will enable the manufacturing of the monocoque body.

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