Marstrom Composite | Core supplier to the Shogun 50 project | Rig and bowsprit – lifting keel and rudder

With the Shogun 50 the design team set about to create a 100% performance crusiser/100% racer benchmark. Marstrom Composites has been integral in building a boat which combines these goals.

The lifting keel reduces the high aspect 3.5 meter draft to 2 meters allowing access to shallow arcipelagic anchorages. The fully balanced rudders built in precision carbon tooling allows you to a steer with your fingertips and react in an instant to a gust with a feel much like the rudders on the Tornado, X 40 and M 32 Catamarans which made Marstrom legendary.

Above the water the light weight high modulus Carbon Fibre rig rigged with solid carbon standing rigging from Smart Rigging has allowed the design team to concentrate on sleek low drag hull lines increasing speed and moderating loads. The rig is designed to be dynamic and easy to tune for the archipelago when the wind between islands may double on more open stretches when there is no time to reef before you dive in behind the next island. When the day is over the retractable bowsprit makes life easier manoeuvring into the harbour.

See video below

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