First composite bridge in Sweden

The first bridge in Sweden with structural beams made of carbon fiber composite is now in place in Malmö. The pedestrian and cycle bridge is near Valdemarsro, close to the East Ring Road. Marstrom Composite has built the seven beams that carry the bridge. The beams are 17.6 m long, 0.4 m high and are made of lightweight concrete covered with composite. The composite consists of carbon fiber prepreg with epoxy cured in autoclave. Each beam has been test loaded to 4.2 tons after curing.

The beams are delivered to Kompositbroar Sverige AB, which joins together the beams and assembles complete bridge. The end customer is the municipality of Malmö. The bridge was lifted into place 28 March.

It is with pleasure that we note that the first composite bridge is ready to operate and Marstrom Composite has had the opportunity to participate in the project. By using composites instead of conventional technology will win several advantages as a light bridge, lower maintenance costs, greater architectural freedom and the opportunity to build ready-made elements in the factory.
Figure 1. Beam with core Siporex dressed with carbon fiber composite cured in autoclave.
Figure 2. Complete bridge lifted into place March 28, 2017.

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