Innovative rotor blade technology

Rotor blades account for nearly 25% of the total wind turbine cost.

Also, cost and mass of blades increase faster than the power output, when scal-ing up blade length. Furthermore, the stresses and strains to which rotor blades of wind turbines are exposed are truly immense, leading to problems with fatigue, deformations and cracks.

Triblade™ is a patent pending technology for making blades stronger, longer and much lighter. The result is lower material cost, more power output and less problems with fatigue, deformations and cracks.


Triblade™ is built as a 3D framework. Instead of a single rotor blade, three parallel blades are con-nected by struts to form a light and strong struc-ture.

Triblade™ has been tested in wind tunnel and through computer simulations. Analyses show very good structural and aerodynamic properties.

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