Composites in Infrastructure

Fiber Composite materials in bridges means lower weight compared to conventional materials. By using composite materials you gain positive effects like less construction work for bridgeheads and faster installation with less traffic disruption during installation time. Shorter time from start of construction to ready to operate reduce costs significantly. The bridges are intended for both car and pedestrian and bicycle traffic.

Marstrom Composite participating in LIGHTer - projects for lightweight with a focus on demonstrators financed by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas - and collaborates with the Swedish company Svenska Kompositbroar.

Falcon project in LIGHTer, aims to provide lightweight solutions in fiber composites for future infrastructure. The project is led by Erik Marklund Swerea SICOMP.

Svenska Kompositbroar operate at different venues to spread opportunities and utilize the advantages of composites of carbon fiber or fiberglass in infrastructure projects. Svenska Kompositbroar have knowledge and experience in bridge design and construction as well as composite production.

Marstrom Composite has previously manufactured and supplied lampposts of carbon fiber composite to Kaptens Bro in Malmo.

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