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Marstrom implements Sailpack KFSI


Marstrom is proud to announce Sailpack KFSI as our primary tool for global engineering,

The first stage of our global process is to define and test the initial geometry in Simspar FEM. The preliminary model is then fed into a Sailpack KFSI Fluid Structure model, a non-linear Finite Element Analysis tool which is coupled to a Computational Fluid Dynamics solver. The FEA models the structural elements of the rig and sails while the CFD models the airflow and pressures. These 2 tools run iteratively to reach equilibrium in load and forces.

When the 2 processes converge, the resulting deformed geometry closely matches the real-life sail and rig shapes and loads.

Sailpack is the software of choice at major sailmakers such as Doyle and Elvstrom sail. Data interchange with Northsails can be in the form of 3D files iterating between software environments. For more info visit

For the Baltic 68 Café Racer Sailpack KFSI has been complemented with Open Foam studies of running cases with the aim to assess nosedive loads on the rig, critical since the B 68 CR will sail in runnerless mode up to 20 kn true. The use of Sailpack as our global engineering platform has allowed us to integrate closely with Doyle sails and their SL technology using the same software for the design of the spar as is used for the design of the sails.


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