The Founder of Marstrom Composites – Göran Marstrom - took the bronze at the 1980 Olympic games. While loving the Tornado as a design he was not satisfied with the quality of the boats he was campaigning. Görans hometown – Åtvidaberg – was close to Linköping where the SAAB JA 37 fighter jet was built with early applications of carbon fibre-prepreg laminates. With inspiration from this an autoclave was installed to make the best Tornado Catamarans. Together with A class catamarans, M-18, M-20, M-32, M90, Sea Cart 30, Xtreeme 40 this sums up to an unprecedented 2000 autoclaved Pre-preg/Nomex hulls.

Having invested in the autoclave the next step was to develop the technology to build spars. The first spar saw the light in 1992 making Marstrom Composites an early pioneer. In 1996 the company built a spar for the Pelle Peterson designed 73 foot ULDB “Big T” and in 2001 the first Gunboat 62 spar was stepped followed by spars for the 48, 60 and 66. Marstrom also made an impression on the Grand Prix scene through the

  • Crepes Wahoo 2 and 3 Multi 50
  • Estrella Dam and SAFRAN 1, 2 and 3 Imoca 60 spars
  • +39 Americas Cup spar

In 2017 the ORC Club European Championship winner, team Pro 4U, passed the finish line with a Marstrom stick. To date 4500 spars have left the Marstrom facilities.