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Marstrom M-20

The Marstrom M 20 is our statement of a modern high performance cat. Designed and developed by Göran Marstrom this is the fastest 20-fot cat existing. It is exclusively built by autoclaved carbon and has sleek rig with main and gennaker only.


Marstrom M-20 Specifications

Designer: Göran Marström
Lenght: 6,10 m
Width: 3,05 m
Main: 24 m²
Gennacker: 25 m²
Weight: 115kg


M-20 wins in Holland

M-20 in top of the TNG Round Texel Avard

Due to the heavy wind in force 5/6 and the brutal surf from northwest the 33rd Zwitseleven Round Texel Race was cancelled. This was the third time in 33 years the biggest catrace in the world couln't be sailed. Anyway it was a Marstrom M-20 win with Herbert Dercksen and crew Ed Barney in the record attempt race the day before the actual race.


M-20 wins in US

Key Largo Steeplechase Race Debrief

Please open up the page to enjoy the stunning M-20 speed in the light wind conditions of the Steeplechase Long Distance Race. Bret Moss and John Casey totally dominating with the M-20 this year, what a race from our mates!

Enjoy as well the interview with Bret Moss and John Casey about their sweet feelings to the M-20 Speed Machine and a great report from John Casey.

Marstrom Catamarans better performance, longer life


Marstrom M-20 Video

M-20 Video Steeplechase Race, Round Texel...



Marstrom M-20 Gallery

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