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The Swedish Wind Power Centre (SWPTC) has been founded to support Swedish industry with knowledge about construction issues regarding wind power. SWPTC will also educate future engineers within the subject. The goal of the center is to be able to build both partial and complete wind power systems in Sweden. Behind the SWPTC are Chalmers University of Technology along with several industrial companies such as ABB, SKF Sverige, Triventus Energiteknik, Göteborgs Energi, GE Wind (Sweden), Marström Composite and DIAB.

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About the Swedish Wind Power Technology Center (SWPTC)

SWPTC is a research center for the design and production of wind turbines. The purpose of activities is to support Swedish industry with knowledge of construction techniques in the field of wind power. The total investment for the Centre is approximately 100 million SEK. Operations are funded by the Energy Administration, Chalmers Technical University of depth industry partners.

Wind Engineering – an ocean of opportunity

In recent years the market for wind technology has grown by 20 percent per year and the growth rate for the next few years does not appear to be decreasing. The main reason is that wind power is a power generation technology free from CO2 emissions, in alignment with policy goals around the world. Modern wind turbines can generate a maximum power of 2 MW and 5 GWh of electricity per year under normal wind speed. Sweden, like our neighbors in northern Europe, has excellent conditions for offshore wind.

Preconditions for the manufacturing of our own wind turbines exist today

However, despite the strong interest Sweden does not currently manufacture large wind turbines. In fact, Sweden currently has an overcapacity in the manufacturing industry. Starting the manufacture of wind turbines would be an appropriate measure to create new employment opportunities. In order to support Swedish industry with expertise in wind power design issues and to educate new generations of engineers with good knowledge a research center in wind power technology was formed. Chalmers University of Technology, along with theSwedish Energy Agency and businesses with an interest in wind turbine manufacturing established the “Swedish Wind Power Technology Centre (SWPTC). Chalmers has a solid foundation in several relevant fields of technology. Thus, the possibility exists to quickly advance basic skills to specialized knowledge in wind energy technology. The Region Västra Götaland contributes to SWPTC through the ongoing project “Power Väst” in which financial and commercial issues are addressed. Within industry, there have been several efforts to initiate the manufacturing of parts or whole wind turbines. Within the SWPTC, knowledge should be strengthened so the best wind turbines can be manufactured.

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Goals of the Research Center

Research activities at the Centre aim to build knowledge about components and wind turbines to make it possible for:

  • Prominent development and production of complete wind turbines in Sweden.
  • Prominent Swedish development and production of sub-systems. For instance, the mechanical and electric drive train and gearbox. Also yaw and pitch mechanisms are good examples.
  • Research of the highest class to achieve the optimum wind turbines.
  • A high quality engineering education with examination of competent wind energy engineers.
  • A focus on wind turbines with rated outputs over 2 MW for placement in open terrain, in forest environments, in the mountains or at sea. The Research Center’s specific long-term goals are to advance:
  • The use of new materials in blade design that can provide a weight reduction of 60 percent.
  • A total weight reduction of the wind turbine equal to a 20 percent cost reduction.
  • Increased life time of 40 percent due to better load prediction and lower design weights.
  • Increase of power electronic components to allow a weight reduction of the transformer in the power plant/a collection network of 80–90 percent.
  • That one or more wind turbine manufacturers in Sweden can occupy a 5 % share of the world market.

Our partners

Our extensive partner relationships will contribute to the best and latest techniques in research and development of new technology. This joint work is a strategically important investment for the Swedish production of wind turbines.

Our cooperative partners in the project:

  • Universities/Colleges'
  • Chalmers University of Technology
  • We welcome all universities and colleges to participate on a project basis – even international partners are encouraged.
  • Industry
  • ABB
  • SKF Sweden
  • Triventus Energiteknik
  • Göteborgs Energi
  • GE Wind (Sweden)
  • Marström Composite
  • DIAB
  • We welcome more industries to participate in the Centers activities.
  • Regional/Municipal/Government
  • Region Västra Götaland
  • Sweden Energy Agency

Would you like more information about our activities or would you like to participate? Contact SWPTC and we can give you further details.

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